Green Valley For Reclamation & Agriculture

GVR is one of the largest exporters and producers of peanuts in Egypt; it was founded in the year 2000 by El Sammak family in accordance to the provisions of the Act No. 8 for 1997. The main activities of the Company include cultivation of peanuts, raw preparation facility - cleaning, sizing, sorting, shelling and packaging in different types of bags – and exporting both conventional and organic peanuts mainly to Europe. In addition to its export presence, the Company is considered one of the largest peanuts traders in Egypt.

GVR covers all aspects related to growing peanuts from land preparation, fertilization, plant care, and harvesting. The Company developed capabilities across the peanuts cultivation value chain;

GVR is using the latest technology in its growing and manufacturing practices, starting with a computerized tractability system in growing, ending with Laser sorting machines to detect, discoloring, spotting, foreign bodies and aflatoxin in kernels. This is in addition to X-ray machine at the end of the line to ensure foreign bodies free products. That’s why GVR peanuts are considered the industry benchmark in terms of quality.

GVR has established a specialized business unit for the raw and non-branded processed peanuts sales and marketing, primarily B2B operations. It also manages the existing clientele base worldwide and provides them with after sale services. Major clients include the largest retailers, co-packers, and roasters across Europe

Our Farms

Our Farms Historically, the Company cultivation has been concentrated in two main areas Al Nubareya and Al Salheya, which were the most popular areas for peanuts cultivation in Egypt over the past decade. Recently, the Company has pioneered trials in new areas, including Owaynat, which proved significant success, and hence started attracting other peanuts cultivation companies

Our Agricultural Machinery

GVR Green Valley agriculture departments owns it own agricultural and cultivation equipment which includes tractors, Paraplow, Markers, Seeders, Fertilizers spreaders, sprayers, and harvesters. This is to ensure the quality of our plantation Process to produce the highest Quality product.


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